Each member of the fire district is provided with initial and refresher training that is administered by a State of Ohio certified instructor. As practical as possible, members are afforded the ability to attain certification as a Fire Officer and Instructor as well as higher levels of professional development.  Moreover, opportunities are available for personnel to attend courses offered across the country on a myriad of different fire service training topics as well as course offerings at the Ohio and National Fire Academies. 

Attendance records of all training are maintained by the Administrative Battalion Chief by means of a computerized data base program. Each month, District personnel are subjected to a wide range of training topics covering fire, EMS and technical rescue.  Furthermore, annual live fire training is conducted using the Dayton Training Center or acquired structures.  These sessions adhere to NFPA 1403.

Training is an important and vital component of a professional, career fire department.  Maintaining and improving skills as well as learning new and state of the art tactics helps keep both the Fire District members and the public safe.  Competent training also means personnel are able to complete their tasks in a quicker and much more efficient manner.  This saves costs, prevents injuries and keep crews in service for subsequent alarms.


Future Training Events