Recreational Fire Requests are now available online.  You can fill out the form and the system will send you an email.  Print the email and have it with you whenever you are having a recreational fire.  Remember when you fill out the permit:

Go Here To Complete Your Fire Request

  • Your Start Date to the end of the current calendar year   Today’s Date to 12/31/20XX
  • Burn Only Clean Dry Firewood/No Trash/Construction Debris
  • The Fire MUST be attended by an adult at all times
  • There must be an extinguishing source nearby.  (Garden Hose-Bucket -Water)
  • Call Regional Dispatch at 937-225-HELP (4357) Just Prior to the Fire and at the End of the Fire
  • Do not Burn on Ozone Action Days

Failure to Follow Prescribed Rules ~ Will Result in the Fire being extinguished ~ Potential Fines ~ You being Billed for the Fire’s Extinguishment