Emergency Medical Service Division

EMS Division

The EMS Division is responsible for the readiness, response and serviceability of apparatus designed to perform emergency medical treatment and transport functions. The Miami Valley Fire District provides Advance Life Support (ALS) from personnel certified by the Ohio Department of Public Safety and governed by the Greater Miami Valley EMS Council.  This service is administered through the use of five first response ALS medical units. Requests for fire and emergency medical assistance are channeled through the Regional Dispatch Center.  Following standardized “Emergency Medical Dispatch” protocols, fire and emergency medical units are dispatched to EMS incidents. Personnel are certified to the levels of Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician-Advanced (EMT-A) and Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (EMT-P).

EMS Training Division

All career firefighting personnel maintain the highest certification, EMT-Paramedic.  The re-certification of the membership is administered pursuant to Ohio Department of Public Safety re certification requirements. All Emergency Personnel are required to complete 86 hours of medical refresher training every three years that is compliant with Ohio Department of Public Safety Standards. The training is broken out into several different disciplines which include cardiac, trauma, pediatric, geriatric and general topics.  By completing these requirements the EMS personnel stay current on all aspects of new trends and advancements in emergency medical care. EMS personnel also complete annual standing orders protocol testing and skills assessment developed by the regional Physicians Advisory Board (RPAB) and hospital EMS coordinators. By completing this annual testing the district is permitted to participate in the Greater Miami Valley Emergency Medical Services Council (GMVEMSC) one to one drug bag exchange when used on an EMS incident and is funded by the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA). By participating in this program the district does not have to purchase and maintain a life-saving drug cache which saves taxpayers thousands of dollars annually. The Miami Valley Fire District operates under the auspices of dual medical advisors. Dr. Randy Marriott and Dr. Scott Ballenier serve as co-medical advisors.  The district averages more than 5000 EMS runs annually with approximately over 80% of those patients are transported to area hospitals.