We’re noticing an alarming trend (no pun intended) lately here in Ohio.   Many of the fatal fire scenes that have been investigated here in the state the investigators are not finding smoke detectors in Ohio Homes.

It’s a disturbing trend, a $15 device could save your life and those of everyone in your home if it is simply installed correctly, maintained (fresh batteries) (cleaned out) (tested).

Please take a few minutes and review this flyer for specific information about the smoke detector technologies available and installation locations and maintenance of the detectors.  Also please remember “Don’t assume that a $5 smoke detector will do that same job as a $15 smoke detector” manufacturers are adding all types of technology to prevent false alarms and extend battery life.

2015 Smoke Detector Flyer

Dale Fahrney
Fire Marshal
Miami Valley Fire District

This flyer is available in print at our fire headquarters location:

Miami Valley Fire District
2710 Lyons Road
Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

And At Local Retailers:

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