Tax Levy – MVFD Needs

Tax Levy – MVFD Needs

Cost increases since the district was formed

Category20122022Percentage increase
Firefighter (wages-top step)$64,267$81,87127%
Ladder Truck$1,013,273$1,349,22833%
Staff Car$39,107$55,17841%

Increasing Expenses VS Current Funding Model

The current funding model will not sustain the true cost of service based on the needs of the District today.

Budget planning

  • Expected revenue (2023): $13.9M ($12.4M from levy and $1.5M from EMS revenues/grants).
  • Expected expenses (2023): $12.2M

Station Replacement Project

  • Location/GIS studies conducted in 2019 & 2022
  • Current stations are 40-55 years old (except St. 51)
    • Built for volunteer/part-time workforce.
    • Locations not reflective of district growth patterns-response times.
    • Stations need major maintenance, end of useful life.
    • Modernization needs.
  • Replacement projects will account for the needs of MVFD today and in future. Locations could be reduced from 5 to 4 if sited strategically.

We are focused on customer service and meeting the needs of our citizens. Our mission is to protect life, property and serve the citizens of our fire district to the fullest. To the best of our efforts, we will meet our mission.

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