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Chief Matthew Queen

Fire District Chief Announces Retirement Date

Matthew Queen, the only person to serve as chief of the Miami Valley Fire District since it was formed, has announced his retirement effective June 25.  The Fire District Board of Trustees is expected to accept his resignation at its regular meeting of May 13.

How The Fire District Was Formed

In August of 2011, the governmental bodies of the City of Miamisburg and Miami Township chose to combine efforts in providing fire and EMS services in order to achieve a cost savings and the elimination of redundant services.

After nearly five and half years of discussion, research and analysis, a steering committee recommendation to both City and Township Officials paved the way for the fire district to be formed under Section 505.371 of the Ohio Revised Code.

A five (5) member Board of Trustees was selected as the governing body for the fire district. The governing body is comprised of one elected official from both the Township and city; one resident from both the township and city and a fifth member chosen by the members of the board.

In June of 2012, the new fire district became operational utilizing members from the two former departments. The fire district operates from five (5) emergency response facilities geographically located to aid in quick response for the needs of the community. Currently, the fire district operates four (4) engine companies, one (1) truck company and five (5) Advanced Life Support (ALS) EMS units.

Without financial support from the voters, providing these services will become even more challenging as we continue to move forward. We are focused on customer service and meeting the needs of our citizens. Our mission is to protect life, property and serve the citizens of our fire district to the fullest. To the best of our efforts, we will meet our mission.

Smoke Alarm Information Video

Smoke Detector Information 2015

New Recreational Fire Request ~Online~

Recreational Fire Requests are now available online. You can fill out the form and the system will send you an email. Print the email and have it with you whenever you are having a recreational fire. Remember when you fill out the permit:

Chief Queen

Fire District Chief Announces Retirement Date

Chief Matthew Queen has announced his retirement effective June 25. Matthew Queen, the only person to serve as chief of the Miami Valley Fire District […]

Smoke Alarm Information Flyer

This flyer was created for informational use by the public. If you have questions after reading the pamphlet please call 937.560.2115.

Winter Fire Safety ~

Winter Fire Safety Checklist ~ Download the Checklist, Click on the Winter Fire Safety Checklist Above