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The Fire Prevention Bureau considers public education to be one of its top priorities. On average each year, the bureau reaches thousands of customers ranging in age from preschoolers to seniors. The Fire Prevention Bureau will develop a safety program that meets the needs of your group. Call (937) 560-2152 to schedule a safety presentation. 

Smoke Detectors

Every home needs “working” smoke detectors in the following locations:

Smoke Detector Locations

The industry has developed a better technology type detector (P) Photoelectric and it responds quickly to slow smoldering fires.   The older (I) Ionization technology is still available but studies are showing they are not as responsive as the (P) Photoelectric detectors.

Many new detectors now contain with a 10 year battery.  Put the detector in and when the unit starts to chirp indicating low battery replace it.

A permit is required for all tents used for cooking and other tents over 400 square feet. 

Please download and complete the above Tent Permit Application, submit to [email protected] and call 937-560-2152 to schedule an inspection.

Recreational Fire Request Form

A Recreational Fire is defined as a fire for domestic or non-commercial cooking of food. All other burning will be considered illegal by the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA).

The fire must be at least 25 feet from any structure at all times. This includes houses, barns, sheds, fences. 

We are focused on customer service and meeting the needs of our citizens. Our mission is to protect life, property and serve the citizens of our fire district to the fullest. To the best of our efforts, we will meet our mission.

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